Monday, January 10, 2011

What should Buddy and his blog do - continue or fade into the dark cold night?

Hi All I have been MIA for some time now and I want to change that and get back into this blogging thing. But I will need your help. I need for you to help me get posting again by commenting so I know at least one person id checking in form time to time.

I think if I start slow like a wordless Wednesday then expand to a weekend post for starters.

What do you you want to hear form us?


  1. I just checked a little while ago and saw you had been MIA. It's really, really hard to do this when so many other things are tuggin' on your tail. I always enjoy hearin' your thoughts but have to admit, I don't get around as often as I should.

    I do appreciate you bein' such a faithful follower of mine Budrow! I hope you and your Mom are both doin' well and havin' lotsa fun and doin' lotsa good deeds for the dawg community!

    Woofs and Big Brown (((HUGS)))
    Chester ;0=)

  2. Well, we do like to keep up with what our friends are doing, and we like to hear from them, too! I hope you find what works for you!


  3. Well that is good enough for me friends. I will start of small and grow from there. I love you all!!!

    Thanks for being my friends!!!

    Budrow and his two-legger Cheri

  4. I SO want you to come back!!!!!!! Please, please, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I don't know you yet, but I'm always interested in the thoughts and activities of the 4-leggers. Follow your heart, Buddy.

  6. You guys are wonderful....I shall make the effort to begin one to two posts a week

    Baby Steps



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