Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Visions of Spring


  1. Handsome Buddy, and springtime flowers. What could be better?

  2. I wish I were there with you! We got a taste of Spring here and now they say we may get 5-7 inches of snow tomorrow! *sob*


  3. Oh No Bunny!!! I am very sorry to hear that. If is any consolation we are supposed to have snow this weekend all they way down to sea level!! The last time it snowed here in San Francisco was in 1976! Now San Francisco wont see any snow this weekend but I live across the bay in Oakland and we are supposed have snow starting about 9PM on Friday. I hope that on Saturday Morning we will have some super cool pictures for all of you to see!!

  4. Snow in your forecast??? This is a cool pic but seein' you posin' in the snow will be a real treat!

    btw-no props needed for you Budrow-you ROCK any landscape you're in!

  5. That means so much coming from you Chester! <3 as I try to emulate you and your blog so often!! You are the coolest DAWG I know! ><3



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