Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday - In the Pink

Who has who?


  1. Are you wearin' this for Breast Cancer Awareness or are you a Nigel Bugger's wannabe?

    I still say that you can wear a scarf or bandana like no other dawg I know!

    ROCK ON!
    Chester ;0=)

  2. This is my two-leggers sash for her robe. I love to grab it and pull it off her. So she went and put it around my neck, like a scarf and I put it in my mouth and started to walk myself.....

    But that is also how my bandannas get all stretched out. I grad a corner and walk around with it in my mouth till it gets all slobbery and eventually stretches out.

  3. I think the pink looks great! They say that real men can wear pink! You wear it well, handsome!


  4. Buddy, how can I not love this? See how the ladies perked up? :)

  5. Cool pic! My name is Remington. I hope we can be friends.



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