Monday, November 9, 2009

Thank goodness it's MONDAY!

Yep that's right I am HAPPY it's Monday.  Why you may ask would anyone be happy to see the dreaded Monday come around?  Well if you have a crazy two-legger like I do, who had you traipsing all over the place all weekend you would be happy for a day filled napping like I am!

Let start off with our Friday night.  It actually began like our Fridays normally do with my two-legger coming home with a bag from In&Out Burgers.  My two-legger says they are the only ones that will fry up a patty without any salt and pepper for me!  It all tastes wonderful to me!!!  But before I get to dig in it is our nightly walk around the blog so I can continue to re-mark my territory.  Let me tell you when I find the dude that keeps covering me up I will give him a tongue lashing!  I haven't smelled his butt around here so far.  I will let you know if I locate him!  Well as we made the rounds we noticed the fine female yellow lab one street over was out in the street!  Mind you she looks just like a young sexy Sola!  A total knock out!  She is never outside her yard when we are walking which is a good and bad thing but I degrees as this is another topic altogether.  So we tried to put her back in the yard and found the fence was busted!  It looked like someone female driver backed into it busted it up and just left!  Ok, I know I am going to get a lashing for that 'female' comment, so I will take it back until we find out the truth but we all know it must have been.  So we decided to leave them a note and tell them we have their puppy safe and to call when they returned and we will bring her back.  So we took her home.  We played tug-a-war in the back yard and then it occurred to us, because she would not step foot into the house, that this pretty thing had never been inside a home her entire life!  My mommy was so sad to think that this precious baby had to stay outside each and every day and night!  We coaxed her inside with the temptation of hamburger patties.  It worked!  I happily shared my hamburger patties with the poor girl, as I know I am one spoiled dog!  We played more and then snuggled in the bed until the wee hours of the morning when the phone rang.  And like that she was gone.  I am not certain what words were said by my two-legger but I know here and she is not one to keep her mouth shut about dogs left in a yard with no interaction and/or chained up.  She reassured me that this doggie is loved and has a good home.

Bright and early on Saturday we were up and on our way to the laundry matte well before 8AM.  We go to Alameda because it is clean and right next to a nice park called Jackson Park.  In between loads we go to the park and practice my obedience/healing.  I HATE to heal!  I want to sniff and pee on everything!  Why wont this crazy lady get it through her head that no matter how tasty the treat is or how cool the toy is I am not going to heal! She is a little slow to catch on let me tell you! 

After the laundry was loaded into the Jeep I was ready to head home when my sweet two-legger surprised me with a trip to my favorite dog park the Alameda dog park!  This is my favorite dog park!  It is 5 acres of fenced in beach sand, plenty of room for us big dogs to run and play!

All my favorite playmates were out and about that day.  I had ubers of fun and played for hours!  I got slobbered on by everyone! It was so much fun.  Later I was so tuckered out that I just collapsed under a tree and would move!  So that is when my two-legger said the magic words "Ready to go home?" and I was!  So I jumped up and made my way to the gate, hopped into the Jeep and curled up into the front seat and let the wind hit my body as we drove home.  What a day, I sleeped all afternoon well into the night!  I didn't even wake up to eat my dinner.  Don't be surprised I often don't eat.  That is why my two-legger feeds me so many healthy treats.

Sunday I woke up and figured it would be a quiet day at home since the activities of yesterday but my two-legger surprised me with a two mile hike up at Leona Canyon Regional Open Space Preserve!  This place is very close to home and will allow dogs off-leash.  I am not allowed off leash yet as I want to go home with all the other doggies I meet!  I got to play with a cute Rottie that loved to chase me around!  Then I meet a senior pit named Ralph.  We instantly hit it off and began sparing and jumping around but they were going in the opposite direction so had to cut it short.  

After the two of us made our way back to the Jeep, I just figured we would head home but instead she hit the freeway!  We went to the Diamond area of Oakland to a store called Paws & Claws.  It smelled great in there the treats are very yummy!  She grabbed a bag of LambLungs (my favorite) and two funny looking bottles.  I figured it must be time to go but we were not there for the treats oh no we were there for the WASH TUBS! NOOOOOOOOO!  The disappointment, the anguish, the betrayal!  How could she!!  That is what those two bottles were, Shampoo and Conditioner!  I wish I could read I would have ran so fast out of that store!  My two-legger was so happy with herself as she had me walk up the stairs to the tank!  She even had the store clerk help push me into the tub.  She is lucky I didn't bit her, as it did cross my mind though briefly.  Let me take you back briefly to when I first cam home from rescue with this lady.  I had something called a 'staph infection' as well as some strange skin type mange issues that made me lose all my hair.  The vet prescribed me some pills, and shampoo.  I had to take a bath every other day for eight months!!  Now that my hair is back and I am all healthy I have been enjoying life as a dirty dog, not the Nigel kind of dirty but more in lines of the Sola in the mud pit kind of dirty!  Now for those who do not follow the "Lie With Dogs" blog SHAME ON YOU!  Follow the links attached to the names and brush up on what I am talking about.

Now my gifted dirty life was in for a tragic turn!  I was ankle deep in being mistreated and abused my two-legger who was singing and kissing me all the while!  From the way she was dancing about you would think she just won a year supply of Ben and Jerrys!  But no her exuberance was due to the fact that the tub for big dogs in this place can be accessed from both sides by her so no reaching over and getting sprayed in the face when she washes my opposite side.  Now personally I enjoyed seeing her walk out of the bath house just as wet as I was but alas I can no longer look forward to that!  While dancing around she was also singing to me and kissing my nose, UGH!  I was miserable!  After a good conditioning and rinse she let me get out.  And you know what, I forgot just how good it feels to be all clean.  Feeling so fresh and so clean I began dancing around the wash area with her!All my itches that I forgot I had were all gone!  My fur was so soft all the ladies there wanted to pet me!

Enjoy your Monday I will be snuggling up in my blanket dreaming about ways I can get dirty again.

Until next time friends!


  1. Sorry I am so late in readin' about your wonderful weekend Budrow! I sympathize with you how horribly betrayed you must have felt when you saw your 2 legger had tricked you into bath time. I know all about it. At least she took you to some pretty cool places beforehand.

    Mom wants me to tell you that you look perfectly McDreamy sleepin on that couch. You know I would sound gay if I said that. So I'll just tell you that you look COOL!
    Rock on Buddy!
    Chester ;0=)

  2. And I am late as well but loved it just the same. Not a bad day Buddy, just not the perfect ending. ;)
    Maybe you will get away with going home dirty next time. If not, just hang with us!



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