Thursday, October 29, 2009

Weekend Wonders

I had a doozie of a weekend folks. This crazy two-legger of mine decided she was going to push me to the limits last weekend. First we went to the Muttville: Senior Dog Rescue fundraiser. I got to meet all kinds of really cool dogs and two-leggers alike! I was the only Doberman there which is ok with me as all dogs are wonderful! Now Pier 40 has been completely renovated and is a really cool place to visit. I will recommend the eatery called The Java House they have the BEST greasy hamburgers around!

My two-legger was nervous at first but I was the perfect gentleman and totally behaved myself. There was only one dog there that was bigger than me a handsome black Great Dane! I so wanted to play tag with him but both of us were tethered to our parents! I had a great time sniffing butts and shaking hands.

I was getting a little tired as we were well into my normal nap time but this two-legger of mine was not done yet. We then got intot he Jeep and drove about 8 city blocks and parked. We then walked to a place called Fisherman Warf.

Now Sunday was a beautiful sunny and warm day which is rare for San Francisco. This brings out all the tourists and all the crazy locals. The sidewalks were packed and we were dodging people left and right. I stuck close to my two-legger as she was obviously used to this madness. We got stopped often with people telling us about the Doberman that they used to have and how much they loved and missed them. My two-legger assest them and if approved would pull out a pre-made card about the rescue that she got me from. We hope to find a home for the many homeless Dobermans out there. Then there were the guys who would not approach us but say "Nice Looking dog" every so often. *BLUSH*

We finally made it to this store that my two-legger was salivating about called "The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory". Come to find out they make the best caramel apples in the world! Now these are not your ordinary caramel apples mind you! But rather a chaotic mess of decadent delights! After she got her goodie bag from them we went to a grassy and shady area near Pier 39 and watched the crazy people walk by for awhile.

The day was a real eye opener for both of us! For me it was the abundance of humans in one location! Also, I was startled at just how many people have no idea that not all dogs, such as Dobermans, are aggressive man killers. We got a few of those looks from people like "How dare you bring that dog here!", "Don't you know that kind of dog is vicious!". But my two-legger just smiled at them and kept on walking head held high and I did my little prancing horse move just to show them how good of a dog I am! We are determined to challange the ignorance in society about dogs and supposed 'aggressive' breeds! And after this weekend my two-legger knows that I am up for the challenge!

I am thinking about setting up a fundraiser for my two-legger to get her a digital camera! I need my paparazzi photos! I copied these from the internet, I hope there are no copy write infringents with this!


  1. Sounds like a busy yet good trip. Yes yes a camera is in baaaad need. I am so glad to knowabout your blog now Buddy!

  2. You two ROCK my socks off! Well, that is if I wore 'em. What a great trip with an ulterior motive to prove that dobies are dawgs too. I love it.
    Mom is droolin'over that apple picture - almost as much as I do over the peanut butter jar. Maybe you should sell them to raise money for that camera.
    I'm gonna be lovin' some of this blog, I tell ya 'cuz great minds think alike1
    Chester ;0=)

  3. Beautiful tour for those of us who have not visited. Now I'm left with a craving I can't cure. Yum!



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